Hi, I am M@rkus and this is my cash cow

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Welcome to my Blog!


This is M@rkus and I am the founder of LaptopLifestyleBusiness.net.

What is this Blog for? I have created this website to help people like you and me building a successful long-term online business based on their passion.

Do you have a passion? Give it a second and think about it! How would your life look like when you could follow your passion and archive your dreams by the way?

Every person on this planet has at least one dream! For some it is to travel, for the next it is enough money and for the next it is freedom. But listen carefully – if you are able to follow your passion, you will be able to archive your goals!

My biggest passion for example is riding my Harley Davidson in warm sunny afternoon. 😉 But there is way more…


Why did I choose Online Marketing? This is easy to answer!

  • Working from home
  • Chose the time you want to work
  • Full-time income archivable
  • Freedom to be with your family and friends
  • Escape from working for someone else exchanging time for money
  • Last but not least, all you need is a laptop & internet connection. 😉


I know what you’re asking yourself right at that moment! IF all this is so easy, why wouldn’t everyone do it? – And guess what! You are so right! It’s a bumpy ride and success does not come overnight.

And here is another secret: Get rid of all these “get-quick-rich-schemes” – except maybe the Lottery.

But if you are willing to learn and take action, you will have success and live your dream and not the dream of somebody else.

With this being said, enjoy your journey here on LaptopLifestyleBusiness.net! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.