Are you ready to start you mission? First of all, you should think about the essentials to create a blog.

Creating a blog is always a mix of defining your content’s voice, message and building an audience. Many platforms are available to set up your blog. So if you are not part of the Wealthy community, you might need some technical help to get your blog started. Once it is running, you are good to go and the first step of monetizing is done. Your blog can earn the first US$.

Just to point it out. Your work isn’t done when you’ve set up your blog. It starts. You have to maintain your blog. This takes a lot of time and effort. In some cases, it can also cost you a bit of money. If you are planning to live from the earnings, please make absolutely sure, that you have a right commitment!


Let’s talk about the development of your Blog’s Voice

1. Choose a topic

First of all you have to figure out what your blog should be about. Think about your passion, your hobbies or anything you have fun with. A blog can cover any topics, including art, automotive, entertainment, food, politics, religion, sports or whatever. The most important rule: Write about subjects on which you are full of passion. Don’t be scared about the knowledge. There are many sources where you can grab knowledge on every topic! I will write an article about this later.

2. Clarify Your Message

As soon as you have an idea about your are going to write, focus on your blog. Let me make an example. If you are passionated about motorcycles (like I am with my Harley), decide whether to write about the brands or specific models, cover World Super Bike Race Series or the politics about it.

As often, there are two sides of a coin. Total focus can help you to stay on the rails, but too much focus can limit your audience. Single individual events can be great for one or more blog posts. If you focus your blog solely on just one event can lead you to little till no content in the worst case. This can settle you and public starts loosing interest.

Just be inimitable about your passion and the words will start to gush out of yo.


Set up you Blog

So, now that you know what you want to write about, it is time to do the setup. If you are a web-designer you literally can get up. For those who are not so savvy with the techniques of set up a blog, just go to platforms like Wealthy or BlueHost Web Hosting.

Choose Your Platform

What are your blogging goals? There are many free blogging sites out there like Blogger or Tumblr which offer a no-cost opportunity. These are ideal to start wth. This is the easiest way of simple posting. Standard themes and templates are already available and they will you an overall look and feeling. But, many of them come with restrictions which limit you regarding the type of content for your blog – especially when you deal with controversial or provocative content.

Alternative to this you can sign up for an online Web-hosting service like I mentioned two paragraphs ago and install WordPress. Like Tumbler and Blogger, WordPress has tons of themes and tool to design and set up your blog’s look. There is a huge library of plugins to add functions and tools. But as I said – this requires a small investment for maintenance.


Build Your Blog

Great! Now that you have selected your personal platform, you can start building it. All these mentioned platforms offer a simple click-to-click installations. The appearance can be adjusted by tons of themes or even through making changes to the HTML code (not recommended if you are not familiar with programming).

Build Your Audience

Your blog is ready, so now you can focus on building your audience. How do you do that. So first of all, high quality posts. Content on your blog is everything! No matter if you post it by yourself or even through having guest posts on your blog. Drive traffic to your blog. A good way is to write guest posts on other blogs and set a link. Promote your blog in other communities. Start to interact with social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This helps to attract visitors onto your blog.

Monetize Your Blog

It is your own choice to monetize your blog. Money won’t come over night, that is sure. But wouldn’t it be nice to get some money for all the effort and time you put into your blog? There are many ways to monetize your blog. It starts by placing advertisements and ends up to selling products, goods and services.

King’s discipline is selling products, goods and services. This will take some time. But as long as your products, your goods and your services are in-demand and lines up with your blog’s topic it can be very rewarding.

Depending on your blog’s traffic you can advertise. Most of these advertising systems are based on number of visitors who click on the ad banners. Some pay an amount of money based on the impression (based on how many people see the ad). This should be taken in consideration when your blog starts to be a so-called high-traffic blog. But please also check upfront with your hosting provider regarding restrictions. One of your other homework is to check with advertisers on restrictions about your site content and/or minimum traffic requirements.

So that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you like the post, I would appreciate a share, tweet, +1 or a pin on this post. Or just drop me a short comment!