Swarm Your Market

One thing is for sure, termites will be around forever. Here in the south especially they are quite heinous. I just spent an hour killing a family as they came out of the ground and began raining down on my house. How do I spell satisfaction in this example? B-U-G-S-P-R-A-Y!

So what can termites teach us about business? Proliferation.

The dictionary defines Proliferation as “To increase or spread at a rapid rate”. Termites will be around forever because they have mastered proliferation. Have you mastered it in your marketing?

In your marketing and promotion it is important to get as much bang for the buck as possible – to reach masses of people. The problem is that to reach the masses is often a costly and ineffective process of advertising and marketing. So how can you reach a lot of people effectively without spending a lot of money?

Here are a few ways:

– Affiliation. Through an affiliation with a business that shares your target market, you can use a process of cross promotion. For example the natural relationship between realtors and mortgage bankers.

– The volunteer sales force. This is a process of utilizing the relationships you have with current clients and others to help you promote through the distribution of materials or the process of active referrals. To create a volunteer sales force you have to provide them with something to carry with them such as a brochure or some of your business cards. Note: this only works if people like you. Try to be the kind of person that people like and you will have great success with this one!

– Network a lot. Through the networking process, continuously remind the people you meet what is a good lead for you. They must fully understand what it is that you do. Make sure that they also fully understand how it can benefit them to refer you. Note: money (referral fees) is not always a good motivator in this method.

– Have a plan to target your market and attend functions where that market can be found in large groups. For example if your target market is the real estate pro, attend yearly conferences that cater to them.

– Be creative in your efforts to get your business noticed. Everyone has competition, it is the person or company whose name is remembered that gets the business.

No one can be everywhere at the same time. Your efforts need to be focused to get the best results and focusing on the end result can help you develop a plan to reach your goals.