What are Web Pages Builder for?

Well, in general they help you to build your webpage as the name says. But it is way more technical in the background. So anyway, there are many web pages builder on the market, so let me just focus on one system, which is (from my prospective) quiet easy. It is called WordPress.

Here is the definition I’ve found on WordPress.com:

When you are new to online marketing, it might be a bit tricky to setup your own WordPress website for the first time. You need to understand the technical process. You have to subscribe to a host, chose your own domain, link that domain name to your blog, install WordPress and finally set your preferred theme. So if you are not aware of this, it can be challenging.

But hey, that`s why are you here! There is light at the end of the tunnel. And the tunnel is very short! 🙂 All this stuff has been made much easier now. There is a tool out there, called SiteRubix. This tool allows you to install your website within 30 to 40 seconds with just some clicks. The only challenge for you is to to choose your preferred domain name and maybe a theme. Everything else, installation, coding and so on will be run by this tool SiteRubix.

Did I get your attention? Good!

Want to know how to get two websites for free? Getting all the support, back up courses and trainings for free too? Great!

If you are not the first time on my blog, then you might have read about Wealthy Affiliate. If not, I strongly recommend to read my The Wealthy Affiliate Review. First thing you need to do is signing up at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE! NO credit card is required here! You really can start with your name and your email address.

So once you did your signup, login to Wealthy Affiliate and search for ‘SiteRubix’ on the left side of your screen.



Simply click on that and and it will take you to the menu. So now there are only 4 steps to follow and you will get your new website within 30 seconds!

First step: Choose the website you want to setup. Choose your free website. There is a second option for Premium members. As Premium member you are able to chose your custom domain. So think about your blog. What is the intension of it? So if you plan to do a blog about useful tips at home, your domain name should be related to it, okay?

Second step: Just give your project a name. This can be changed later anyway. So never mind.

Third step: Style your blog! 🙂 Just choose one out of twelve predesigned templates. This is called a Theme.

Fourth step: Build your website. You are just one click away to have your site set up and ready.


Here is a short video I made about setting up your website! Enjoy!

Wasn’t that easy?? 🙂 So now you are good to go. Login to your new website. Your username (normally ‘admin’) and password will be displayed. You can change your password at any time on this page.

Welcome to your WordPress backoffice, also called Dashboard. Everything is ready to go. On the left side you will find the menu bar. There is one menu, called ‘Plugins’. Hover your mouse over Plugins and a secondary menu will popup. Click on ‘Installed Plugins’.

There is one plugin, called ‘All In One SEO’. You have to activate this plugin and also do some settings. This plugin is responsible for optimizing your site for all the search engines out there. Here is the link to the SEO training video on Wealthy Affiliate. It explains it in detail, what to do.

So now you are ready to share your informations with the world out there! Your blog is ready and good to go. The next step is about content. Will talk about this in the next article.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Iy so, please be so kind and leave me a comment or share this article!

All the best,